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Get a head start by learning the lingo

The admissions process can be very challenging. You can make it easier by learning some of the terms used throughout the process. Below is a glossary.

Campus-based education
Education received through a traditional brick-and-mortar college.

Distance learning
A term applied to any kind of educational method done over long distances, whether online or otherwise.

The FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Aid is a document that prospective applicants are required to fill out to establish “need-based” status.

Financial aid
Government funds allocated to help students pay for college.

High-need fields
Career paths that are traditionally underserved by professionals, like medicine and education, tend to encourage students with increased funding opportunities, like nursing scholarships.

Scholarships available to only those unable to cover the cost of college through their own resources.

Scholarships available to all applicants, often specializing in previous academic achievements or other criteria.

Online education
Education received through a web-based institution.

Online colleges
Colleges that primarily instruct by serving courses through the internet.

Private funds that are given to students to help pay for college based on academic achievement and career prospects.

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